Girls Middle School Cross Country, Girls Varsity Cross Country · Girls Varsity XC Team Finishes In Sixth Place At Todd Clark Invitational

The Todd Clark Invitational was hosted by Cloverleaf High School on Saturday, September 23rd.  The Girls Varsity Cross Country Team dealt with extreme heat during the race and posted good times in both the varsity and open divisions.

The top finisher for the varsity girls was Freshman Lauren Devney with a time of 21:25.  She finished nineteenth overall and earned a medal.  Top fifty finishers included Sophomore Ashley Chippy with a time of 21:44 (28 overall), Junior Juliette Rayer with a time of 21:51 (30), and Senior Elise Chojnacki with a time of 21:53 (33).  Finishing just outside of the top 50 were Sophomore Alex Dohrmann  with a time of 22:22 (52), Junior Jordan Saunders with a time of 22:28 (55), and Sophomore Jenna Fenohr with a time of 22:46 (63).  

The top 20 Open finishers were Senior Alex Kuzma with a time of 22:14 (fourth overall), Junior Mackenzie Morgan with a time of 22:41 (sixth overall) and  Freshman Amir Atheer with a time of 23:06, (seventeenth overall).  Top 50 finishers for the Open Division were Sophomore Megan Garnet with a time of 23:48 (24th overall) and Senior Larissa Gaborick with a time of 24:39 (44th overall).

Congratulations to all the runners!  The next meet is Friday, September 29th at Gilmour Academy for the Primeau Invitational.  Good luck girls!