Girls Varsity Gymnastics · Varsity Gymnastics Coach Spotlight – Jessica Kaiser

Jessica Kaiser

Throughout the season we will “Spotlight” the Coaches from the various North Royalton High School Varsity Teams.  Today, the “Spotlight” shines on Jessica Kaiser of the Varsity Gymnastics Team.  We recently had the opportunity to learn a little more about Coach Kaiser and her life on and off the mat.

[How many years have you been coaching the Varsity Gymnastics team?]  This is my 2nd year as the NRHS Head Coach.

[Have you coached any other teams?]  This is the first high school team I have coached.  However, I have been coaching club gymnastics for about 10 years.

[Did you play any sports growing up?]  I did gymnastics my whole life and was a 4-time varsity member of the NRHS Gymnastics Team!

[What is your professional career?]  Lawyer

[Do you have a pre-game routine and/or any superstitions?]  I don’t necessarily have a routine, but I always give a team pep-talk before the competition starts.  At big meets, we always stand in a circle and hold hands while we have our chat and get in the zone.

[What is your best sports memory?]  There are too many to pick just one.  As far as being part of the NRHS team goes, being nominated as Captain for the first time was a big deal and something that I hold near and dear to my heart.  Strictly gymnastics related, my fondest memory was being, named All-Conference on Balance Beam my senior year.  Beam was never my best event, so to come so far and get that honor was something I will never forget.  Overall, I cherish every friendship I made and every fun experience we had together!

[Who is your favorite team or professional player and why?]  My favorite professional athletes are Omar Vizquel (Cleveland Indians) and Shannon Miller (US Olympic Gymnast).  Both athletes had a lot of talent, but it was the extra stuff they brought to the table that I loved so much.  Omar was always humble, approachable, nice to the fans, and made me laugh with his antics during time-off.  He seemed to have a great way of balancing hard work and fun.  Shannon was so poised.  I admired her confidence as well as how humble she was.  She inspired me when I was a younger gymnast to be the best I could be.

[What is your favorite food?]  It depends on the day!  If I’m going out for a nice meal, I’d go for a steak.  In the everyday setting, usually pasta.  Snack food? Ice Cream!

[What was your favorite subject growing up?]  I was always a fan of the sciences.  I also like writing, so I enjoyed English.

[What has been your favorite vacation?]  Best place I’ve visited?  Hawaii.  Overall best vacations?  Any family trips we take together.  We love Myrtle Beach.

[What is your personal goal for coaching?]  To make the athletes the best they can be on and off the floor.  Do I want them to have successful gymnastics careers?  Of course.  However, at some point, their gymnastics career will end and I want them to take away more than just “skills”.  I want them to learn respect, time management, humility, dedication, drive, and sportsmanship.  I want them to know how to overcome fears, how to cope with loss and defeat, how to be good leaders, how to push themselves harder than they thought they could, how to set and achieve goals and most of all, I want them to be confident and proud of themselves.

[What message do you have to the youth who want to play for you in High School?]  Work hard and don’t ever give up.  I will always value the athlete that works day in and day out to reach their goals.  Good work ethic and a positive attitude will get you far!  Hard work always pays off! 🙂