Boys Varsity Basketball · Boys Varsity Basketball Coach Spotlight – Nicholas Lapsevich

Nicholas Lapsevich

Throughout the season we will “Spotlight” the Coaches from the various North Royalton High School Varsity Teams.  Today, the “Spotlight” shines on Nicholas Lapsevich of the Boys Varsity Basketball Team.  We recently had the opportunity to learn a little more about Coach Lapsevich and his life on and off the court.

[How many years have you been coaching the Boys Varsity Basketball Team?]  4

[Have you coached any other teams?]  I have also been assistant, JV and Freshmen coach for North Royalton High School.

[Did you play any sports growing up?]  I played all sports growing up, but played basketball and baseball at Brunswick High School.

[What is your professional career?]  I currently teach Health and Physical Education at North Royalton High School.

[Do you have any pre-game routines and/or any superstitions?]  I always park in the visitors spots at our high school for road games.  Seems to work really well this year.

[What is your best spots memory?]  Best sports memory was winning the District Championship in 2013 over St. Edward High School.

[Who is your favorite team or professional player and Why?]  I am a die hard Cleveland fan and always will be.

[What is your favorite food?]  Favorite food is steak!

[What was your favorite school subject growing up?]  Math and Physical Education were my favorite subjects at school.

[What has been your favorite vacation?]  My favorite vacation was my honeymoon in the Bahamas with my beautiful wife Laurie.

[What is your personal goal for coaching?]  My personal goal for coaching is to really help all players in our program grow into great adults.  Every year I want the kids to experience something they never thought possible.  We are trying to reach new heights as a program.

[What message do you have to the youth who want to play for you in High School?]  I encourage all youth basketball players in North Royalton to always display great character, incredible work ethic and learn how to be a great teammate.