Girls Varsity Track · Girls Varsity Track Senior Spotlight: Ann Kolosionek

Ann Kolosionek – Pole Vault

Throughout the season we will “Spotlight” the Seniors from the various North Royalton High School Varsity Teams.  Today, the “Spotlight” shines on Ann Kolosionek of the Girls Varsity Track & Field Team.  We recently had the opportunity to learn a little more about Ann and her life on and off the track.

Age You Started Track & Field?
[Ann]  17

Favorite Motivational Quote?
[Ann]  “I stand upon my desk to remind myself that we must constantly look at things in a different way.” – John Keating/Robin Williams

Favorite Pump Up Song?
[Ann]  “Lonely Boy” by The Black Keys

Pre-Game Routine Or Superstitions?
[Ann]  Drinking yellow Gatorade, listening to some music and trying not to stress out too much.

Best Track & Field Memory?
[Ann]  Running around Stow’s stadium at a meet trying to order Pizza, but every place was busy.

Favorite Player or Team?
[Ann]  Matthew Dellavedova

Favorite Food?
[Ann]  Chicken Tortilla Soup

Favorite School Subject?
[Ann]  Science Fiction

Other Sports?
[Ann]  Colorguard

[Ann]  Royalaires, Band, Key Club & Girl Scouts

Favorite Vacation?
[Ann]  Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Who Or What Has Been Your Biggest Motivation/Inspiration For The Game:
[Ann]  Mr. Nary, my coach, and just trying to improve my strength and skill.