Multiple Teams · Evanko, Palmiero & Rohrer Recognized at November 4th North Royalton Board of Education Meeting

At the November 4th North Royalton Board of Education meeting, board members and administrators recognized various students and staff for their commitment to excellence, whether it be through academics, arts, athletics, community service or for exhibiting core values.

Junior Jordan Evanko, Sophomore Antonella Palmiero and Senior Natalie Rohrer were recognized for their commitment as student athletic aides.  “You may have seen them working the sidelines on Friday nights or Saturday mornings helping keep our players taped up, hydrated and generally looked after,” said Principal Sean Osborne. “These ladies are responsible for setting up the sideline for each game and all practices.  This includes setting up the table and making sure the medical kit and defibrillator are available. Before games they tape ankles, arches and wrists and help players stretch, as well as keep an eye out for rashes and other contagious symptoms. When they have down time, they also help supply some of the other sports teams around campus.”

According to Athletic Trainer Maggie Flanagan, “These are three of the hardest working ladies at North Royalton High School. They have good grades, play basketball and work with me six days a week after school. They give up the month of August to help with football two-a-days.  When I had to miss work for family reasons, they stepped up and helped the substitute athletic trainer with how things work at North Royalton. It has been a pleasure working with them this year.”