Girls Varsity Basketball · Royalton Recorder: Bockelman Takes The Point for the NR Girls Basketball Team

Junior Kaitlyn Bockelman is playing a new position for the North Royalton Lady Bears Varsity Basketball team this season. Instead of playing close to the basket as she has done before in her first two seasons on varsity, Kaitlyn is playing point guard. That means Kaitlyn will be responsible for bringing the ball up the floor, scoring, and getting others involved in the offense.

“With Kaitlyn’s experience as a player, I want the ball in her hands as much as possible. We try to get her open with different things we’re. At the same time, Kaitlyn has a green light to shoot the ball when she feels that she is open while playing in our schemes.” said Lady Bears Head Coach Chuck Schmitt.

“As a point guard, part of your responsibility is to get other players involved in the offense. You have to get the ball to other people who are open. Kaitlyn’s learning that. She’s not an experienced point guard yet. She’s learning a little bit at a time. And at the same time, when our freshman is the point guard, we try to move Kaitlyn in and around different things  to get her the ball in a different way. It is all a process,” said Coach Schmitt.

Kaitlyn has had a couple big games, scoring wise for the Lady Bears in the early part of the 2019-2020 campaign. In the season opener against Copely, Kaitlyn had 27 points, including five three-pointers. In the game against Twinsburg, Kaitlyn had 23 points with four three-pointers.

“I try to keep my game inside-and-out. If I’m ope, I’ll shoot. I like to focus on my fundamentals so I’m going to the gym a lot shooting three’s. If I’m open, I’ll shoot,” said Kaitlyn.

In the past, Kaitlyn was looked as just a scorer. But that’s changing. “My position originally has been as a scorer, so it took a while to get used to (being a point guard). Now I understand that my first responsibility is to get other people open. I have to worry about that is best fort he team. So, if I am open for the shot, I’ll take it.”

In the past, Coach Schmitt said that the Lady Bears may have to rise Kaitlyn’s shoulders. Bockelman said that comment scared her in the early part of th season. “Now I’m staring to welcome it. I want to take the responsibility. I want to be able to have that on my shoulders. I think I can be a good leader on the team. I’m going to work as hard as I can to do that.”

By Joe Jastrzemski, Contributing Writer for the Royalton Recorder
Posted on December 19th, 2019