Girls Varsity Gymnastics · Royalton Recorder: Avery Keller Leads NR Gymnastics – Family During Post-Season Run

Avery Keller is having the kind of season that every senior athlete dreams of.

During the regular season, Avery has shown consistently good performances in the All-Around and vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise.    She has won the bars competition five times.  Avery finished first in the All-Around at the Lakewood competition, second in the AA at the Flip for a Cure meet at Olmsted Falls High School.  Plus, she won the floor exercise on January 23 against Brecksville and Hudson.

North Royalton Head Coach Jessica Kaiser says that Avery is a team leader in every sense of the word.  “Avery has been a true leader on this team.  Not only does she lead the team with her outstanding gymnastics contributions, she also leads by example with a great attitude and great work ethic. She knows just what to say to motivate the girls, lift them up when they need it, and is genuinely happy for every one of their successes.”

And to think Avery’s gymnastics career started by jumping off the couch as a youngster.

“I think I was about four years old.  I started jumping off the couch at home.  I think by the time I was six, my mom got me started in gymnastics,” said Avery.

Avery calls the gymnastics team ‘a true family’.  She has teammates that she has been learning and competing with for a long time.  “Mya (Costello) I have known since I was 4.  She’s my family.  Her parents are my parents.  Sometimes I think I see her (Mya) more than my own brother.  I met Hannah Hafner when I was 6.  We are just a little family.  If we need help, we always step in to help each other.  It’s a good bond.”

I asked Avery if she and the team will be able to keep their streak of consistently good performances going as the state tournament draws near.  “I think for a team like ours, because of our family-bond, we keep each other up, motivated and moving.  I think we can definitely do it.  If it wasn’t for the teammates it would definitely be hard.  I think that everyone is contributing all that they have.  We give it all constantly and I think if we really do that, we will accomplish what we need to.”

Coach Kaiser said she saw the ability Avery had when she joined the team.  “Avery has progressed so much since her freshman year on the team.  At the end of the day, she is always willing to put in the work and go above and beyond.  The real transformation, however, has come in her confidence.   When I first met her, I saw greatness, but knew that she didn’t believe in herself.  I decided right then that I would make it my goal to make her realize just how talented she is.  It’s been absolutely amazing to watch her confidence grow.  As a result, her gymnastics just keeps getting better and better.”

What about Gymnastics in college?  “I thought about it for a while,” said Avery. “But I heard about a new sport Acrobatics and Tumbling.  I didn’t know about it until they reached out to me.  It’s basically for floor routines and stuff like that.  So, I signed with Fairmount a couple of months ago.”

PS:  Avery qualified for the District Gymnastics meet in the All-Around and all four disciplines.  Congratulations!

By Joe Jastrzemski
Contributing Writer for Royalton Recorder
Posted on February 27th, 2020