Girls Varsity Softball · Girls Varsity Softball Senior Spotlight: Hailey Dlugolinski

Hailey Dlugolinski – #20 Catcher

Throughout the season we will “Spotlight” the Seniors from the various North Royalton High School Varsity Teams.  Today, the “Spotlight” shines on Hailey Dlugolinski of the Girls Varsity Softball Team.  We recently had the opportunity to learn a little more about Hailey and her life on and off the diamond.

Age You Started Softball?
[Hailey]  4

Any Awards?
[Hailey]  Letter Winner, Scholar Athlete   

Favorite Pump Up Song?
[Hailey]  “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne

Pre-Game Routine Or Superstitions?
[Hailey]  Listening to loud music

Best Softball Memory?
[Hailey]  Being able to win MVP in the World Series tournament last summer

Favorite Player or Team?
[Hailey]  Carlos Santana of the Cleveland Indians   

Favorite Food?
[Hailey]  Steak     

Favorite Video Game?
[Hailey]  Wii Sports

Favorite School Subject?
[Hailey]  Science

[Hailey]  Band

Favorite Vacation?
[Hailey]  Walt Disney World over winter break this year

How Have You Been Passing Time During The Coronavirus Pandemic?
[Hailey]  Binging Netflix, playing catch and hitting off a tee with my sister.

Who Or What Has Been Your Biggest Motivation/Inspiration For The Game:
[Hailey]  My whole family has motivated and inspired throughout my softball career. Watching my dad play baseball when I was younger inspired me to start playing softball. My twin sister also plays softball and she always motivates me and pushes me to work hard.  

Personal Goals For This Season?
[Hailey]  Being able to hopefully play a few games this season

What are your Plans after Graduation?
[Hailey]  Attend Kent State University to study Nursing

GOOD LUCK Hailey!!!