Girls Varsity Fall Sideline Cheer · Girls Varsity Cheerleading Senior Spotlight: Hannah Petro

Hannah Petro

Throughout the season we will “Spotlight” the Seniors from the various North Royalton High School Varsity Teams.  Today, the “Spotlight” shines on Hannah Petro of the Girls Varsity Cheerleading Team.  We recently had the opportunity to learn a little more about Hannah and her life on and off the field.

Age You Started Cheerleading?
[Hannah]  6 Years Old for Southern Hills

Any Awards?
[Hannah]  Letter Winner

Favorite Motivational Quote?
[Hannah]  “Look for something positive each day, even if some days you have to look harder.” by Brian Ford

Favorite Pump Up Song?
[Hannah]  “So Close” by NOTD

Pre-Game Routine Or Superstitions?
[Hannah]  PreCOVID, we would always get ready as a squad and have team dinners

Best Cheerleading Memory?
[Hannah]  Winning SLCs with my cheer squad 2 years in a row

Favorite Food?
[Hannah]  Sushi

Favorite Nickname?
[Hannah]  Petro

Favorite School Subject?
[Hannah]  Math

[Hannah]  Key Club

Favorite Vacation?
[Hannah]  I have two favorites: Mexico & Punta Cana

Who Or What Has Been Your Biggest Motivation/Inspiration For The Game:
[Hannah]  My Mom has always encouraged me to do cheer to gain self-confidence and be part of a team.

Personal Goals For This Season?
[Hannah]  To get a standing tuck before the cheer competition

What are your Plans after Graduation?
[Hannah]  I am still undecided on my career choice, but would like to attend Ohio State University or Ohio University.

Good Luck Hannah!!!