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Winter Sports

The safety of our student-athletes, coaching staff, community, and visiting school communities is our primary focus as we cautiously return to interscholastic athletic competitions. The guidelines and procedures outlined in this document will be implemented until further notice, and updated as needed, based on new information and guidance from state and local agencies. Adherence to each of these guidelines is critical in the success of our return to sport(s) this fall.

The information in this document has been gathered from orders, mandates, guidelines, and recommendations provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Ohio Department of Health (ODH), National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) and Ohio High School Athletic Association, along with approval from Cuyahoga  County Public Health (SCPH) and North Royalton City School District administration.

Athletes, Coaches, Trainers, & Camp; Officials – General Requirements

❖ Each school (home and away) is responsible for conducting temperature and symptom checks for all student-athletes and coaches prior to the contest. Athletic trainers and officials are also required to conduct symptom assessments prior to a contest or training.

❖ Anyone experiencing symptoms must stay home.

❖ Each school is responsible to maintain the attendance/symptom check sheet within their team and/or athletic department. Home school coach will verify with the visiting school coach that all participants were screened prior to the contest.

❖ Coaches must participate in COVID 19 education developed by the ODH and educate their athletes on how to help prevent the spread of COVID 19.

❖ Promote good hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette.

❖ Athletes, coaches, trainers, and officials are encouraged to wash/sanitize their hands as frequently as possible.

❖ No congregating before or after training or contests by players, coaches, trainers, or officials are permitted.

❖ Athletes, coaches, trainers, and officials must wear face coverings at all times.

Exceptions to this include

❖ Athletes do not need to wear face covering when they are on the court/pool/mat/lanes or participating in an event.

❖ Officials do not need to wear a mask if they are accessing a whistle for officiating purposes.

❖ Extra precautions will be taken with any athletes identified as high risk.

Athletes & Camp; Coaches – Training Specific Requirements

❖ Six-feet social distancing must be maintained between individuals.

➢ Exception to this rule includes when athletes are on the court/pool/mat/lane or participating.

➢ Adequate off-court/mat/pool/lanes space is available for social distancing of those not in the contest/game/drill/etc.

❖ Contact, outside of that within the game, is not permitted.

➢ Examples include; greetings, high fives, hand shakes, team huddles, etc.

❖ Training drills or activities that require athletes to be in close proximity of one another are to be limited.

➢ More than one contest, against the same opponent, is permitted in that same time frame. Individual & Camp; Team Equipment

❖ Personal items and equipment may not be shared.

❖ Do not share towels or face coverings.

❖ Do not share water bottles, drinks, or food of any kind.

❖ High touch surfaces, including benches and equipment, will be cleaned frequently.


❖ Individuals traveling by bus must wear a face covering at all times.

❖ Individuals traveling by bus will sit one (1) per seat will be the General Rule but has permission to put two to a seat if needed for transportation needs.

➢ If applicable, staggered seating for smaller rosters is encouraged.

❖ Pre-travel symptom screenings are to be conducted prior to boarding the bus.

❖ Transportation seating Chart is required.

➢ Boarding should take place back to front.

➢ Unloading should take place front to back.

Fans/Spectators – Event Requirements

❖ Spectators must conduct daily symptom assessments prior to their arrival.

❖ Anyone experiencing symptoms must stay home.

❖ Family members must sit together, and remain socially distanced from all other families/groups/spectators.

❖ No congregating at any time, on any campus location or venue is permitted.

❖ Spectators must wear face coverings at all times.

❖ Promote good hygiene and respiratory etiquette at all times.

➢ Restrooms will be accessible for hand washing

➢ Hand sanitizer stations will be available.

Ticket Information

❖ Each athlete/participant in a home athletic contest is permitted two (2) tickets for Basketball & Wrestling, available for purchase by parents/guardians, only.

❖ No spectators @ HOME Swimming, Gymnastics, Bowling Until Further Notice.

➢ These tickets would be available for parent(s) of athletes who are in uniform for the designated contest.

❖ The Gym will be cleared out after a 9th Grade Basketball game and all 9th grade players will be asked  to leave the facility.

❖ If an athlete is not part of that game day roster, no tickets would be available.

➢ No passes of any kind will be accepted. (Please see Athletic Director).

➢ Tickets are required for home Basketball & Wrestling contests.

➢ Home -Tickets are not required (at this time)for home Swimming, Bowling & Gymnastics contests.

❖ Adherence to home contest guidelines is still applicable in these events including 2 parents/guardiane per athlete.

❖ Tickets Will be sold at the Gate for Basketball & Wrestling off a supplied roster.

❖ Away event ticketing procedures will vary, at the discretion of the host school.

Game Day Operations

❖ Concession stands will be closed inside (until further notice).

❖ No outside food or drinks will be permitted (for fans).

❖ Locker rooms will be open to the team to dress only.

❖ Gymnasium signage will be posted to manage traffic flow and seating.

➢ Spectators will find labeled/designated seats in pairs (2) and remain socially distanced from all others. (LOOK FOR STICKER- SIT HERE).

Basketball (In addition to all previously listed guidance)

❖ Cheerleaders are permitted at home and (away contests protocol by host school).

➢ Note: A host school has the ability to deny entry to cheerleaders if they choose to do so. We will be made aware of any such scenario.

❖ Team box: NFHS Rules.

➢ Social distancing enforced on the sidelines.

❖ Seating will be in the Front Row of the Bleachers.

❖ Ball cleaned throughout the contest. (Time Outs/between Quarters/Halftime).

➢ Officials ‘ contact with basketball should be limited.

❖ Social distance during timeouts.

❖ No handshakes or contact during the pregame conference.

❖ Teams will have limited locker room access.  Meaning social distance, no showers after games.

❖ Pre/post game handshakes removed.

❖ Additional Recommendations: Basketball Recommendations – OHSAA

Bowling (In addition to all previously listed guidance)

❖ Follow all procedures outlined by the host lanes/House..

❖ No Spectators @ Home Events

❖ Additional Recommendations: Bowling Recommendations – OHSAA

Wrestling  (In addition to all previously listed guidance)

❖ Game day roster limited to 20

❖ Locker rooms available for changing and matches/ Showers will be available but the lockers cannot be used to store gear or equipment any time.

❖ Pregame meetings with officials adjusted/limited/social distanced.

❖ Team benches: staggered:

❖ Home: Eastside of mat

❖- Visitor: Westside of mat

❖ Socially distanced benches

❖ Additional Recommendations: Wrestling Recommendations – OHSAA

Gymnastics (In addition to all previously listed guidance)

❖ No bleacher access.

❖ No Spectators @ Home Events Until Further Notice.

❖ All policies & safety procedures from Gymnastics World must be in place.

❖ Sanitizer stations available.

❖ Additional Recommendations: Gymnastics Recommendations – OHSAA

Basketball (In addition to all previously listed guidance)

❖ Game day roster limited to 15

❖ Socially distant benches.

❖ No non roster or injured players on the bench.

❖ Additional Recommendations: Volleyball Recommendations – OHSAA

Cheerleaders (In addition to all previously listed guidelines)

❖ Eight Cheerleaders ONLY on the baseline/six feet socially distance

❖ Masks MUST be worn when not cheering.

Swimming (In addition to all previously listed guidelines)

❖ No Spectators @ Home Events.

❖ Limited to Duals or Double Duals,

❖ Varsity ONLY Matches.