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Find Your Team Sports Rep

What is a Team Sports Rep?

In short, the Team Sports Rep is a… member of the NRAB who (with the help of other team parents) provides a communications link between the coaches, parents, and Northh Royalton Athletic Booster Club; attends monthly NRAB meetings; promotes NRAB membership; secures volunteers as needed for Booster Club activities; and reports scores and significant team news to the NRAB website.

If you can help by volunteering to represent your child’s team, please contact our team liaison trustee:  Dan Novak at

 2016-2017 North Royalton Team Reps

Baseball F/JV OPEN  
Baseball V Thadda Layhew
Basketball Boys 7 Natalie Bottomley
Basketball Boys 8 OPEN  
Basketball Boys F Jeff Evanko
Basketball Boys JV Kathy Lineweaver
Basketball Boys V Karen Glass
Basketball Girls 7 DeAnn Brierly
Basketball Girls 8 Kathy Lineweaver
Basketball Girls F OPEN  
Basketball Girls JV OPEN  
Basketball Girls V Tanya Plagens
Cheer Football MS Kim Dyson 
Cheer Football HS Michelle Grimes
Cheer Basketball MS OPEN  
Cheer Basketball HS OPEN  
Football 7 Kelly Tarnowski
Football 8 OPEN  
Football F Jeff Evanko
Golf Boys Linda Rudy
Golf Girls Mike Grospitch
Gymnastics Jodi Napier
Soccer Boys JV/V Silvana Miduri
Soccer Girls F/JV/V Bill Clegg
Softball F/JV/V Kelly Andexler
Swimming Boys Kurt Weber
Swimming Girls Kurt Weber 
Tennis Boys OPEN  
Tennis Girls OPEN  
Track MS Jeff Evanko 
Track HS Laura Mantle
Volleyball 7 OPEN  
Volleyball 8 OPEN  
Volleyball F OPEN  
Volleyball JV/V Lisa Sprunger
Wrestling MS OPEN  
Wrestling HS Gail Nemetz
X Country MS Jeff Evanko
X Country HS OPEN